Sunday, 13 May 2018


January 2018
New Year's Day, wet and windy. But who cares when you are donning the right gear and with the right folks?

Wildlife cam catches a bullfinch. Lovely!
4th Feb. Storm damage - roof light has blown out along with slates and structural damage.
 It's been a tad wild. 

6th Feb,light snow.

Someone's happy!

Heavier snow, 27th Feb

Even heavier... 28th Feb

View from the kitchen window.
Er...where did the cars go????

1st March 2017           And still more... better than mud though

And soooo pretty.

4th March 2018


Where's a St. Bernard when you need one!

28th March             Snow has melted. And added to the rainfall. This gateway was dug 
                                out to fill with railway ballast but flooded before the job was done.
Then a drain needed mended to get the small lake away.

4th April                 And still it rains ....and floods.

More revision required! One day we WILL have a usable gateway. 

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  1. Wonderful set of pics, Denise. Nature, and the British weather, always have the upper hand. Presumably it all dried out in the incredible summer we had (from about the time of your last post)?
    Hope you're all okay up there on the lovely Solway.
    Bob Kent