Sunday, 17 September 2017

Picture Diary

Having totally abandoned the blog for a whole year I'm really annoyed with myself for having no record of our  experiences and rather steep learning curve since moving here.

It's really down to two reasons;

The first is the utterly appalling internet provision which makes doing anything on the computer frustrating beyond belief as life passes by waiting for the whirly 'busy loading' icon to complete its job. It is constantly there, whirling away in the middle of the screen until it finally changes and says things like' try later' and 'insufficient bandwidth' if it bothers to stop whirling and say anything at all. The phone line drops out every time it rains heavily which appears to be on a daily basis and at it's best we have 0.5 megathingys of upload/download speed or whatever it's called. So no Catch up TV, no watching videos online, and great difficulty doing anything on line at all!  Added to the fact that we are in a black hole for mobile reception I became resigned to the fact that internet activity was only possible very occasionally,and then only at 3am in the morning.

This last fortnight has seen 'something' happen to the line although BT continue to deny all responsibility so I seem to be able to use the lappy in normal daylight hours as long as I avoid trying between 5pm - 9pm.  Who'd have thought that would be so exciting!   I can at least upload photos again in an almost acceptable time scale, hence my desire to up date the blog.

The second reason the blog has been abandoned is a total lack of self discipline and despite casting around for someone to blame it seems that I am responsible.

So, how  best to catch up?

I've decided to post a selection of photos that date from our first viewing right up to now. A picture narrative that is just so I have a record and is unlikely to be of any interest to anyone reading the blog so apologies for that. The photos aren't particularly good or special as I've chosen them because they show what was happening at  specific times of the year. Once I've caught up I'll try to keep it up to date.

I had intended to record the seasons and the condition/ state of the land each month but will have to make do with shots taken that incidentally illustrate the surroundings.

Here's the first installment.

14th November 2015 - 3Oth September 2016

Viewing the farm 14th  November 2015.  Still seemed an impossible dream.

Negotiations ongoing. 16th January 2016.

It's ours.16th February 2016.

Horses are home.22nd February 2016

Heavy frost. 25th February 2016

But snug inside. 26th February 2016

Learning to drive tha Massey 135. 11th March 2016

March Murmuration 14th March 2016

Getting rid of the inherited muck heap. 26th March 2016

Best place to be 26th March 2016

 Meeting the residents 28th March 2016

Frosty front garden.16th April 2016

Sunny spring day in the orchard. 23rd April 2016

Roe deer in the front field. 26thApril 2016

Around the farm 4th May 2016

Sunset 11th May 2016

Meadows 18th May 2016


Two special arrivals. Indi and Dougal.  2Oth May 2016. Another dream fulfilled.

Naughty Dougal 29th May 2016

Leverets in the Middle East Field. 31st May 2016

The garden in June. 13th June 2016

Devil donkey and long grass. 15th June 2016

Evening tipple while grooming ponies. 18th Jun 2016

Two little donkeys needed a home and some TLC. So here they are. 6th July 2016

They'll soon be as happy as these two.

Clover in bloom & haytime approaching 6th July 2016

Texel tenants. 16th July 2016

First cut. Elliot's Field and The Link Field. 22nd July 2016

The Middle East Field 22nd July 2016. Wet underfoot.

Haybob. Getting it turned. 23rd Jul 2016

Finally wrapped after 12 days of rain and turning. 3rd August 2016.

Middle East Cut. 16th August 2016 still very wet underfoot.

Wood Field and Far East Fields cut 18th and baled 21st August.

Middle East baled 22nd August followed by torrential rain.

Donkeys looking better. 22nd Aug 2016

New goat-mobile in preparation for getting goats. 3rd September 2016

Hay in from The Wood Field. 6th September 2016

Hay in from Far East Field. 6th September 2016

Cooking Apples. 6th September 2016

Buddlia in the garden. 6th September 2016

More new arrivals. 17th September 2016. Terrified little Bobbits.

And still more... Angora goats to supply mohair for my new hobby of spinning.


  1. Ah yes I remember the joy of that speed of internet and no mobile reception (plus a pretty much unusable landline too - wonder how the new people are getting on with that...) I ended up with a Costa Pumpkin Latte addiction ;-) Lovely to see the photos, looks a very special place.

  2. The photos are great! A real flavour of your (not so new) place.
    Lovely that you're back, so to speak.

  3. How are you all? Have you turned into crazy donkey woman? ;-)

  4. So sorry Laura and Vee! How hopeless am I? I've only just spotted your comments!It didn't occur to me that anyone might still read the posts.
    Yes I'm definitely now a crazy donkey woman. If I came round again I'd have donkeys and mini ponies - nothing bigger than about 12hh! Or maybe 10hh.
    Hope you are both well. :-)