Sunday, 17 January 2016

Winter at last!

We have been very lucky to miss the worst of the Cumbrian floods here at our temporary home. The fields and garden have been flooded for weeks now but although it came close it didn't reach the house thank goodness.

As the ditches filled then overflowed the increasing volume of water rendered the fields unusable for the horses. Initailly the dogs made the most of it while I made the most of the spectacular sunsets.

But then it carried on raining and raining and until everywhere was waterlogged or actually under water. No sunsets to be seen. Just dreary greyness. And mud.

Oh the mud. It has been the bane of my life!

Horses - If we stand in the wettest bit she'll take pity on us and give us
haylage in the yard

 I had to bring the horses into the yard for hard standing and haylage.
 Even when it looked like solid grassy ground it wasn't...

And it was virtually impossible to stay upright as the fields turned into swamps!

Billy - Don't even think about laughing...

I really thought it was never going to stop raining but winter proper finally arrived a couple of days ago, bringing with it a reprieve from the incessant ankle deep mud as the ground froze, followed by a lovely thick fall of snow overnight. Causing confusion to all the plants.

What a different view to wake up to.

The horses were happy to leave the yard and their haylage to snooze in some late morning sunshine.

And the dogs love to pose for photos in it.

Dogs - Have you ever tried sitting naked in it?
Me - Er no, I take your point.

Amber - Never mind smile - Just throw the kong!

Amber - Just ignore her!
Billy -YooHoo!
Amber- Stupid boy!

What a difference a bit of sunshine, blue sky and best of all NO RAIN can make!

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