Thursday, 28 January 2016

Eek! Enough!

Please. Stop raining.  Enough is enough.

And more to come according to the forecast.
The wind is starting to build again. It's howling in straight off the Solway. The water reached the stable doors yesterday. Everything's crossed that it comes no further.


  1. Tell me about it! Who'd have ever thought the sky could hold so much!

  2. The sky,the ground, the air... waterlogged!

  3. Hi Denise,

    Your last entry is like a cliff-hanger novel: The water reached the stable doors yesterday ...! Then nothing. Aaaargh! Are you okay? I do hope so. Hope we hear from you very soon.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Bob, so sorry I never replied! I must work out how to receive notification of comments! All was well, wet stables but dry house thank goodness. It's all change here again, I've finally updated the blog in my next post and will try to post much more often.