Sunday, 17 January 2016

52 Week photo challenge.

In an effort to get back to updating the blog I've decided to take part in a photo challenge that a friend directed me to. The weekly suggestions for subjects are on this great site and just to get caught up the first subject is a self portrait using the camera's timer so, much as that was nearly enough to put me off here's that one; as you can see we have snow! I had half a dozen attempts where I am grinning inanely and this one where I wasn't quite ready and squinting into the sun, hence the face! The over exposed, slightly out of focus, distant shot is far preferable to the rather alarming close ups that really shouldn't be allowed.

And the second one is a landscape. My landscape choice is a special place and I'm also hoping to take a shot every month of the same scene to catch the changing seasons. 

So I've finally resurrected the blog, now to keep going!


  1. Yeah! Welcome back! Great pic of you. I don't quite know how you manage to look so glam in your winter gear, but you do x

    1. Thanks Vee.
      So many blogs to catch up on! I must get back into the blogging habit!
      Don't know about glam but out of focus and too far away always helps lol!