Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse

Everyone knows the dangers of looking at the sun during an eclipse so I thought it would be a good idea to set up my camera well beforehand so that it caught the reflection of the sun in the window. Taking great care I set up the tripod and remote cable and under the safety of the cloud cover I centred the subject in the viewfinder screen thingy so I didn't look directly at the sun. I intended to take a series of photos in the hope that the clouds would part for long enough to capture the eclipse from start to finish.
Sure enough the world darkened as the moon moved in from the right, blocking the sun's light. The clouds parted and I happily took what seemed like several hundred shots as the minutes passed. A quick check showed that yes, the amazing process was being caught. But hang on, why were there two suns in all these photos?  Had I discovered some planetary miracle and caught it on film? Well, in digital format to be more precise?
I had a fleeting vision of pound signs as newspapers flocked to buy my photo. I dismissed the idea of interviews on Breakfast Telly, I'd prefer retain anonymity. Mystery. 'The Mystery Photographer behind the Miracle photos!' I could see the headlines.

 As the moon traversed across the sun, or possibly the sun traversed behind the moon or whatever actually happened, I realised that it wasn't a planetary miracle at all. Or at least not the duplicate part of it. It was my double glazing ruining my amazing capture! Giving me two reflections of the same thing! Aargh! My delusions of riches fizzled out as I realised I didn't even have a single decent photo of the eclipse!

In the last few moments as the moon slid away and the sun reappeared to its right I waved my camera vaguely in its direction with my eyes tightly shut and fingers crossed.

Another rather more minor miracle occurred in that I actually got a picture! Of a single sun and moon! Imagine that!

So I now have a collection of several hundred photos of multi planet eclipses, a single photo of the end of the eclipse and none of the carefully planned series showing the whole thing!
So no new discovery. No two moons, and two suns. No monetary fortune. No feteing, if that is even a real word.
But still, does any of that matter?  Not only did I witness something quite amazing, I even got a photo! How wonderful!
I count that as a blessing.


  1. I am amazed you were so organised, I was in true Dumfriesshire mode "ah it will be cloudy anyway" and then when it wasn't I had to grab the camera and peer into the sun (the spots in my vision are fading now - LOL!) It was great to see though wasn't it? :-)

    1. Certainly was! Being organised was a waste of time! lol!