Thursday, 12 March 2015

New girls!

Well off I toddled today to bring home two ex battery hens from the wonderful 'Homes4Hens' latest rescue of caged birds due for slaughter. There seems to be something wrong with my maths because you may remember that back in November I went for two silkies and came home with four. I can only say that I was caught out by the fact that there were four different colours of silkies and everyone knows what a poor decision maker I am when faced with options.  However I really don't know how it happened this time as these ex caged girls were all the same so I have no excuse for coming home with double the amount I intended to. But when you see their piccies you'll understand.

Homes4Hens do a wonderful job. On their leaflet there is a little poem:

I wonder if at breakfast, with my egg upon your plate,
You ever think about me and my cruel and tragic fate,
And when your breakfast's over and you toss away the shell,
Do you realise that the cost to me was one full day in hell?

Let's hope they get a little bit of happy retirement, free from the cages. I'm not a proponent of campaigning on my blog but please give some thought to where your eggs come from and try not to support the caged battery hen industry. 

Meanwhile I should do something about my abysmal maths.


  1. I don't think you can have too many chooks! You can probably tell…!!!

    1. I think we may have an illness Laura! If I ever get my own land I'm in trouble!

  2. They look so sad. I'm so pleased they've found such a wonderful home with you and can't wait to meet the newbies x

    1. They are pinking up and causing chaos in the hen house. Even the cockerels are wary of them! It takes a little while for them to learn they don't have to fight for every little thing in life.