Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Marching in.

It's great when the daylight starts extending and you find yourself still outside with the dogs at 6pm! You could almost believe that Spring is here. Almost. The weather people said 'wintry showers' but that's not what I'd call the bitter razor wind that races in horizontally from the Irish sea hurling great snow flakes the size of footballs all over the place! Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, ok let's say tennis balls. Fine, fine perhaps the snowflakes are more the size of ping pong balls. Thank goodness it didn't settle. What the weather people didn't mention was the amazing sky that would accompany the weather. Looking SouthWest out towards the coast it actually looked like a textured oil painting. Up on the hill Amber and Chico posed on an old relic of the war to enhance a photo of the clouds.
Amber - Why do we have to sit up here? 
Chico- What is this thing?

Meanwhile Rolf just lay around looking handsome and strangely ruddy while the light changed, its intensity ebbing and flowing as the clouds dashed around the sky.

   Rolf - I'm not getting on that war relic, I'll just lie here and look
 handsome and strangely ruddy in this weird light.
The view inland and downhill was rather different, with the churned up, slurry sodden over-grazed mud baths that used to be fields giving a rolling brown vista beneath a bland sky. How different the world can look depending on which way we are facing.

We stayed out until it began to get dark and the sky out to sea was even more dramatic.

Then made our way home to thaw in front of the fire while the wind howled around the house, buffeting the walls and roaring down the chimney.

Chico  - Who are you calling a drama queen? It was cold out there!!

March has certainly come in like a lion. 

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