Saturday, 18 October 2014

Russian Vine

All summer I tolerate the insinuating green fingered fronds of the Russian Vine not so much creeping as striding rampantly over my walls. Well, I think it's Russian Vine. Actually it could be anything but whatever it is it's there. Hiding monsterous creepy crawlies and doing dreadful things to my masonry (or so I'm told). For the most part I'm not at all struck on it but I know it's worth sticking it out for its autumn show. Just now, for a couple of short weeks, it turns a startling cardinal red, and peeps into the room on dull days like a brilliant sunset all of it's own doing.

                               Rolf - Who cares about the red weeds! Put that damned camera down and let me in before I let myself in  and be warned - my feet are muddy!! 
                              Me - Don't you dare go opening the doors with muddy feet! I've got a better idea, I'll join you out there with the camera!

Then I love it unconditionally and am saddened as the wind and cold claim the ruby leaves, scattering them around the garden and leaving naked grasping twigs.

At this point I pull them all down, chopping it back to ground level. Each year I think I've probably overdone the pruning but so far it's come back lush and verdant for most of the summer until it seems that overnight it changes and provides the perfect complementary backdrop for German Shepherds.

Rolf - This is just too much!
Amber- Just humour her, she'll give us a sweetie if we pose nicely!
Rolf - Hmmmppphhh.


  1. Certainly is a great backdrop for German Shepherds :)

  2. All gone now! Pretty while it lasts though:-)