Friday, 9 May 2014

Welcoming committee.

Out in the back field cattle trucks have been unloading some pretty new neighbours for us. They still have auction mart tabs stuck on their rumps and it's clear that grass and space are new to them. They cavorted around the field with great excitement but without exception they skidded to a halt as they passed the garden fence. The boys went over to welcome them.

 Tweetie Pie - Hello little ladies, I am TweetiePie, the most handsome cockerel in the world. You haf heard of me yes? You are very pretty ladies.

Heifer 1 - Is it a bird?
Heifer 2 - Is it a plane?

(It's important to note that for some reason TP has taken to speaking in a melodramatic Spanish accent - I've noticed it's coincided with his flambouyant dress and behaviour, his incessant flirting and flamenco dancing and desire to make sweet love with any passing female)

Sumo - OK I see (OOOOODOOOOODOODLEDOODLEDO) ) what he's doing, I'll give it a go, he is pretty successful (OODLEDOODLEDOOH) with the ladies.Maybe I'll have more luck with these gals. Now then...OOHDOOHOODLEDOODLEDOODLEDOOH) Hey lassIes How're you DODODOdoin?

Heifer 3 - What on God's earth is that?
Heifer 4 - I have heard of a mythical creature called a gonk, could it be one of them?
Heifer 5-  Careful, I've heard that lonely goatherds make that sort of noise! It's called yodelling!

 Sumo - Huh! (DOODLEOO) That's rich, coming from the weirdest looking horses I've seen in that field for a long time! Look at you, no manes, ropey tails and as for those hooves - you need a farrier!(OODLEDOODLEDOO)

Heifer 4 - Ooh it's got a temper! It's quite cute really. I think I might keep it. It can join the herd.

Heifer 6 - Join the herd? With that racket? I think not. It can't even moo properly!

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