Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Deja vu!

Back in the summer of 2011 I started this blog to chronicle my attempts at resurrecting a lifelong dream that had been wrapped up and archived when my back problems developed. The dream was to own a small house with a big field. To have my own land and be able to keep my horses at home. I'm really pleased that I've kept the blog going, admittedly in fits and starts but I was never any good at keeping a diary and this format works for me. It's great to look back and see how things progressed. So here I am three years later, in pretty much exactly the same place as I was in my first post . Putting my house on the market and starting the search for pastures new, literally. The housing market is slightly more buoyant than the last time and I've upgraded it a lot since 2011 so I've got everything crossed that it sells and I can move on.
Back then my little band of companions for the journey was slightly different. There were the horses, Naidu and Teo and of course Mickey the cat and my dogs Tess, Rolf and Jacob. Of the three only Rolf is still here and I wrote about Tess recently but I realised that I've never mentioned Jacob.

Jacob was an elderly Parson's Russell Terrier type of dog. Having lost my job as a result of my back problems I found myself at home all day and I decided I could offer a home to another dog. I lay in bed with my two German Shepherds and the cat all squashed alongside and reckoned we still had room for a pillow sized one. So I contacted the dogs home, explained my circumstances to them and said if they had anything pillow-sized that they were struggling to home I would take it. The only proviso was that it got on with my current dogs and cat.
Rolf, Tess and I went along to the kennels and they brought out Jacob, a 14 yr old stray that no-one had claimed. Funny how things work out. This wasn't a breed / type I'd ever particularly liked and would never have chosen and at the assessment Jacob clearly felt the same way about me. In fact he totally ignored me, but, he needed a home and I had one, so home he came.
I was so lucky. Once he moved in his true character emerged and he was a complete and utter joy for the short year and a half that he was with me. He made me laugh every day with his antics. He fit perfectly into the pillow sized space and saw out his days as loved as he could possibly have been. They do say that good things come in small packages.  I still often wonder what happened that such a sweet natured little gentleman became homeless at his age, but whatever it was I was blessed to have him.

Jacob ensured that I will always have room for a pillow sized dog and paved the way for Chico, a very misunderstood and mismanaged little dog who arrived with big problems and a history to overcome.

 Despite having very serious fear aggression Chico is another little sweetheart,and a great character although a very complex one. He puts me in mind of the children's nursery rhyme but I replace the word 'kitty' with 'Chico' - a name I'm not struck on but he came with it and it's his. I believe it means something along the lines of  'little one' so that's fitting.

I love little Chico
His coat is so warm,
And if I don't hurt him
He'll do me no harm.

Say's it all really. He has grown in confidence and blossomed into a wonderful little companion, as loving and gentle as the day is long.

My lovely and photogenic Tess

                      paved the way for Amber, obviously leaving her some tips on posing for the camera.

She's doing well

                                  although she has a way to go before she reaches Tess's standard of modelling.

Tess - GET.....IT.....OFF....ME....RIGHT.....NOW!

And so here we are again, me and my three dogs embarking on the trials and tribulations of house selling.

                                   Rolf and I have a distinct feeling of deja-vu!

Although we seem to have acquired two additional ponies and seven chickens along the way!

 Mickey took the news well

Mickey - We're moving?

but has been a little premature in his packing...

I'm ready!
               .....given that the estate agent won't be coming round until next week!

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