Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tweetie Pie discovers dance.

TweetiePie - Okay everyone gather round  I have a very important anouncement to make. 
In addition to my lovely singing I've discovered dancing!

 Sumo - Dancing? What's that then?

Tweetie Pie - It's a form of self expression. I'll teach you.
 First you take a bow....

 Then you moon-walk

Sumo - No, no, no - it's not normal! I'm not doing that!

 Tweetie Pie - C'mon, the girls love it! Try a shimmy!
PomPom - Wow what a mover! I must get a closer look. 

 Tweetie Pie - Hey beautiful lady - you wanna dance with me?
PomPom -  I'd rather watch, I've never seen anything like it.

 Sumo- I'm shimmying! I'm shimmying! Right I'm ready for the ladies!

 Sumo - Right, so first I take a bow....
Betty - OK sonny, I'm limbering up - you won't know what hit you 

Tweetie Pie - Hey PomPom, look at these old girls go with their synchronised free style!

 Tweetie Pie - This is fantastic! I'm pirrouetting!
Sumo - I think I've overdone it..that Betty's a cougar!
I need to lie down in a dark place.

 Tweetie Pie - I sing, I dance. I'm handsome and modest. 
 Is there no end to my talents?


  1. Ahhh Tweetie Pie, what a mover!

    Great blog entry Denise!

    1. I think his dancing has an ulterior motive! But it's a wonderful display. Sumo on the other hand has two left feet - bit like me!