Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fortunately / Unfortunately.

Do you remember that word game we played when we were children?  Fortunately / Unfortunately? If you've never heard of it I'll explain.  The game involves telling a story, a character and first line are offered and then each person in turn adds a line but the beginning of the line alternates with 'Fortunately' and 'Unfortunately'. It always ends up very amusing which is encouraging because I've decided that my life runs on pretty much the same lines. For example...

Denise lived in a small village on the  Solway coast with her animals.
Fortunately the local farmer rented her a field and she could keep her horses at home which made her very happy and was extremely useful because...
Unfortunately her back and mobility problems meant she struggled to look after them anywhere further away without facilities to hand.
Fortunately she had scrimped and saved and scrimped and saved and been able to get a small stable yard built alongside the house and spent a very happy few months popping out of the back door to groom and feed ponies while wearing her rather fetching pyjamas and slippers. Despite a couple of hefty knocks along the way life was, for the most part, good. Very good.
Unfortunately after having gone to such lengths, one day, quite out of the blue, the farmer knocked on the door  and said that as a tenant farmer his landlord the millions of acre owning evil Estate had decreed that all horses must be removed or he was in breach of his tenancy and would be evicted.
Fortunately it wasn't to be enforced immediately, thank goodness, because as you can imagine finding alternative accommodation for four horses takes time. And finding land to buy or rent in the vicinity is as rare as rocking horse doo-dah.
Unfortunately it was to be done within a week.ONE WEEK! which was something of a disaster given that finding alternative accommodation for four horses takes time. Not to mention the fact that Denise had literally only just paid the substantial bill for having electric lights installed in the stables.

So that's where we are. Nearly a week later and I don't know whether this little tale of woe will end with a 'Fortunately' line or an 'Unfortunately' one. They do say that when one door closes another opens and I have my metaphorical telescope to hand (or eye) feverishly watching for any indication that a door may be opening. As yet they are shut. Firmly so. And bolted. With heavy duty padlocks and chains. And I've misplaced my bolt cutters. Not that they would help because actually I think Fate has piled furniture against the doors anyway.

The horses  and ponies are all off back to the livery yard and I'm resigned to extreme poverty, the rather expensive folly of a beautiful and well lit horse-less stable-yard and having to get dressed in actual clothes before I drive the few miles to go and play with them. No more watching them from the kitchen window. No more escorting Prince from his latest attempt to gain entry to the house. No more hearing that soft whicker of welcome as I open the back door. I despaired for a few days. Actual tears were shed. But as we all know self pity and disappointment are thieves of  time so I've shaken that off (well, mostly - I have to be on guard in the wee small hours...) I'm all for counting blessings and to be fair I'm lucky that they can go to the livery yard but sometimes even I have to concede that life's a bitch.

And then  just as a bad week ends this happens....

                                                                                     ...... Nature's balm.

And I suppose I must acknowledge that the pyjama wearing grooming thing was getting a bit out of hand.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful pic. That's all I can say, except I'm keeping everything crossed that the next line begins 'fortunately'. Sending you lots of hugs xx

    1. Ah thanks Vee. Everything's crossed here too!