Saturday, 15 March 2014


I believe that the best tribute you can pay to the dogs you lose is to gather all that they taught you in your time together and use that experience and knowledge to help another unwanted, discarded, mistreated dog.

Another of my odd little beliefs ( and there are many) is that the dog who goes sends you the next one so you get the dog you are meant to get, irrespective of the dog you think you should get. Even when you think you don't want another dog.
I was meant to get Amber. For various reasons I tried and failed to get a few others first and then she came along with a bundle of  issues. I'd have issues if I'd been locked  in a small room for a year. Witness to and victim of violence. Then abandoned and starved. Hey, I probably have issues without any of that.

Amber is trying hard to adjust to a different way of life and it's wonderful to see her blooming. She'll never replace Tess, nor is she meant to. But she has filled that horrible gaping doggy shaped hole that was left when my old girl died.

I wonder if she's communicating with Tess, her spirit guide in this photo?

Or is that expression more earthly based? Possibly related to hotdogs being held at a strategic point?


  1. Absolutely love that photo :-)

    1. Thanks:-) Dabbling with the camera again!

  2. What a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl. She's come such a long way in such a short time, which is all down to you. Well done both of you! And of course to the lovely Tess for getting you both together in the first place x