Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What's in a name?

The Triplets are growing at a remarkable rate and at twelve days old the differences between the Silver Laced Polish and the Silkies is really noticable. So much so that if I didn't know better I'd have said that the Polish chick is of a bird species other than chickens. Perhaps it has Skylark influences? It is very bold and flutters about almost flying. Its wing feathers are far more developed than the others and it whistles, shrills and trills loudly. It has inadvertently become known as Tweetie-Pie. 

The black silkie that was a day behind the other two has caught up and overtaken the yellow one in size and behaviour. It has inadvertently become known as Fluff-Ball. Had it not been fluffy it would have been Cannon-Ball.

The gentle little yellow chick is soft and cuddly and has inadvertently become known as Pom-Pom. I can only apologise for these dreadful double-barrelled names. I had a long list of suitably elegant ones, befitting their potential adult beauty and distinguished breeding but these temporary nicknames have stuck.

Tweetie-Pie and Fluff-Ball actually fight each other, banging chests and pecking. I wonder if they'll turn out to be cockerels. It can take several months to sex these breeds so it's a wait and see game. During their confrontations Tweetie-Pie hurls shrill Polish/Scottish/Dutch insults at Fluff-Ball. I've read that the Polish chicken originates from the Netherlands and that the 'polish' nametag is a misnomer. But I'll make allowances and consider my little one to be multilingual. Fluff-Ball responds in a silent oriental Sumo wrestler kind of way. Given that Silkies originate from China this is only to expected. Meanwhile Pom-Pom gets all the treats. Evie cackles approvingly at these antics.

I could watch them all day. Actually I have been watching them all day. Sitting inside the hen run. Lovely, and so entertaining.

Pongo peers in, pretending he's starving and neglected and trying to will me into giving him some food.

It doesn't work.

I've also been learning some new photography techniques. I'm aiming for black and white, moody and atmospheric human portraits with a solid black background. There are no humans around just now so Rolf was conscripted as my model.

The techniques might be a work in progress but Rolf is a work of art.
I might be biased but I do think he's gorgeous.


  1. I like that second one - that's moody!

    1. I bet you know exactly how to get them Catherine! Me - not so much - but getting there veeery slowly.