Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Autumn Again.

There has been a distinct freshness in the air today. That sharp clarity of skies that signifies autumn. As the daylight fades earlier in the evening the geese fly over, thousands of tiny dots against the blue.

Endless seas of birds flowing tide-like in skeins across the sky. 

Clamouring their wild music as they call to each other in flight.

 It has to be one of my favourite sounds. Reminding us that winter will be following along behind  and that now is the time to stock pile.

Prince had a rough time last winter, his first. Weaned too early and put through the horse sales he ended up being starved and taken into the rescue center in January, an eight month old colt in a pitiful state. They weren't sure whether he'd survive or not. Due to their good work he did although he has that pot bellied 'golf ball on legs' appearance that is common to the previously starved. Hopefully he'll grow out of that in time.

He is an absolute sweetheart, full of mischievous character as a yearling should be. Even if he suggests it's tea time every hour or so.

He often calls Pongo in to confirm that the bucket is indeed empty.

Prince - It is empty isn't it Gramps?
Pongo - Fraid so son - try your best starving look - she ignores mine.

Prince - OK Stand back - here goes.....
Nope, doesn't seem to be working.

Despite what he says he has no need to worry this year.

We had our first walk on the beach without Tess. While I kept inadvertently checking for her, then realising with a gut-swooping sadness, the boys busied themselves with team-work, making me smile.

                                     Rolf - Let's take it this way Chico
                                     Chico - Ok You pull and I'll push!

Home again and over in the nursery the Triplets will be three weeks old tomorrow. They are growing some amazing hair-do's.

Triplets - Look at our amazing hair-do's!

Aren't we just the most beautiful chicks you've ever seen?

Although there is amazing and then there is amaaazing!
Tweetie-Pie's mop-top changes overnight.

Tweetie-Pie - What? WHAT?


  1. WOW I thought my chicken McFlurry was amazing but Tweetie Pie beats him hands down!! :-)

  2. Just flicking through your blog and thought "I know those spots" - have often wondered how they were getting on. Glad to see you still have the girls and now some adorable side kicks for them. Hope life is treating you well. Laura

  3. Hi Laura! Just found your comments. Yes still got them - terrible waste! They've had a couple of riders but nothing regular. I enjoy following your blog and keeping track of your goings on - some beautiful horses being produced. Tweetie Pie is getting very similar to McFlurry. I'll update soon- had a pony tragedy that is taking some getting over :-( You know all about such things...