Thursday, 12 September 2013


As I mentioned in my last post Aldi are selling super duper little garden carts at a very good price. Add in my £5 discount voucher and they are a great deal. The box was too heavy for me to lift so P very kindly loaded it into my car and then my Dearly Beloved brought it into the house for me. We decided against assembling it last weekend as we felt that it probably wasn't a sensible thing to do given the alcohol imbibed at the time. A very wise move in retrospect. Goodness knows what we'd have ended up with.

So it's sat here for a week.

I decided it was time to assemble it. How hard could it be? As usual everyone got involved. Tess seemed a bit reluctant to let me at it.

Tess - I'll block her access to it. Doesn't she know how this is going to go?

 All the bits seemed to be present and correct and nearly tallied with the book of words. The fact that the first part didn't bear any resemblance to the diagram was just one of those things. I wasn't dissuaded.

And it even had its own little toolkit. How brilliant is that?

Rolf - I'm no mechanic but  isn't that a bit flimsy?

Chico - Where's the rest of it? Surely there should be some more bits?

So I set to. A couple of hours later after I'd removed most of the skin of my knuckles, hurt my back, grown rather puce and not a little sweaty, hurled the pathetic non-fitting, flimsy,too short,useless spanner across the room and lost it behind the couch ...

Mickey- You forgot to mention the language...

Er yes, that too... and phoned the help-line aka the Dearly Beloved at work - Anyway, after these things I went and got some proper tools.

Which made life much easier. Still not easy given that one needed at least three hands and five foot long arms but ... Voila!
Tess didn't seem too impressed.

Tess - I knew I should have stopped her.
Rolf thought it was great
Rolf - This is great! Now what's this bit for?

Rolf - Aha!
 Meanwhile everyone else was wondering when normal service would be resumed.

Prince - No-one has brushed my hair today! It's full of spikey things from the hedge.

Pongo- I wonder if I can break into the feed shed while everyone's distracted?
Neds - Never mind the damned cart where's my fly spray? I'm phoning the welfare people. This is negelct.

Chickens - Looks like we'll have to find our own food. Can anyone see anything in this disgracefully long grass?

All except Evie, who really doesn't care what's going on outside her nest. She's diligently sitting on her eggs and is already into her third trimester! Only a week to go until labour is due to start and we've got everything crossed for her and her egglets. As they say 'A lot can happen in a week'. She's doing so well. I grabbed a quick snap. I don't think she minds.

Evie - @#$&***!!!!!!


  1. I think Rolf is telling you he wants a harness added so he can do some pulling!

  2. A job well-done is what I think! It's good to see that everyone gave a hand.

  3. Oh they're always 'helpful' Catherine! And I have a different small hairy creature in mind for a harness Vee.