Friday, 20 September 2013

It's the little things...

Evie definitely has at least three chicks so far. I've seen teasing glimpses of a yellow one, a black one and a yellow and grey one. Unfortunately I can only remember five of the six breeds I chose so the black one must be either a Black Frizzle, a Black Silkie or the mystery breed,  the coloured one must be either a Welsummer, an Exchequer Leghorn or the mystery breed and the yellow one must be either a White Silkie or the mystery breed.
Either way she's got a great variety of chicks.

She's not for getting off the nest yet so I'm wondering if there are more to come or indeed how many are actually under her. Here are some less than clear pics to be going on with. I got a bit over excited when they appeared and forgot all about shutter speed. aperture etc!

This one popped right out but I was so excited I missed the photo. It has a mottled grey back. Any breed identification from the list above by those in the know is most welcome.

Then this one stuck its head out for a brief second before disappearing again.

Here's a closer look.

Talk about cute! I'm not even trying to wipe the smile off my face. There's something about chicks that really promotes a feel-good factor.

I can't wait for Evie to bring them out and show them off. I think I'd better set the camera to automatic...


  1. They look so sweet.

  2. Sorry Catherine I only just found your comment. Yes they are real cuties aren't they?