Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I spy.

I'm not much of a shopper but I confess to being addicted to Aldi. My Dearly Beloved does his shopping there every week and brings home the little catalogue thingy they produce and I just can't resist looking at it. It's always got super gadgets and I've already explained how I have a weakness for such things. Well a while ago they had 'Wildlife camera traps' in and obviously having seen how wonderful they are on numerous wildlife TV programmes I had to have one.

Here it is.

I've had it set up at various spots around the house and garden and got some great videos. It is triggered by movement and works in the dark as well by infra red doodah. It's fascinating to see what (and who) is around when you're unaware. It's less fascinating to see hideous videos of oneself when one has forgotten it was there and one is neglecting to stand tall and suck in one's stomachs and one may even be slobbing around the garden in one's dressing gown, unwashed and very definitely unprepared for the public. I'd go so far as to say horrifying. Where did those chins come from?  The Blair Witch filming has nothing on this. But it has caused me to have new respect for my Dearly Beloved. And to reconsider my appearance. A bit.

One particularly disturbing video showed tiny red eyed shadowy ghouls flying round and round the house at that blackest hour of three in the morning and it took me ages to realise they were only bats. I truly believed the place was haunted for a while.

Anyway the camera has really proved its worth in the last few days of Evie the Hen's Egglet Affair. As I'm new to broody hens I've been reading up the tonnes of conflicting advice that's available. There are two main schools of thought;

1. You should remove the hen from the nest daily to eat /drink / poop. Reason being that the hen might starve to death in her broody trance.
2. You should leave well alone. Reason being that Mother Nature designed hens not to starve to death in their broody trances, even if it seems that way.

After Evie got her fertile eggs I couldn't see any evidence (in the form of the previous elephantine poops / decreasing food and water) that she had moved at all. Any attempt to hand feed resulted in a severe pecking although she would take a beak-ful of water so I was a bit worried. Owing to her programming ie she shouldn't go broody at all - I was reluctant to interfere as I've no idea whether she'll go full term anyway and I didn't want to put her off when she's doing so well - tomorrow she's completed her first trimester!  So in an unusual spark of inspiration I popped the wildlife camera into the broody hutch.

Look what I caught.

Evie leaving the nesting box to have her 3  o'clocks like any sensible person.
So despite the rather worrying lack of elephantine poop I can follow my instinct and School of Thought Number 2. Leave well alone.
And while on the subject of pet's poops,  having had my weekly perusal of their catalogue thingy I'm off to Aldi tomorrow to buy a little four wheeled trailer that I'm somehow going to attach to my ride on mower so I can tootle round the field doing minimal effort horse pooh picking.
I love Aldi.

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