Tuesday, 24 September 2013


The vet left some time after midnight. She took with her the body of Tess, my lovely, lovely girl whose struggle of the last few weeks came to a sudden and unexpected end late tonight. She was due to have a scan tomorrow, as we continued the search for the cause of her gradual deterioration. Just before midnight she collapsed and as we waited the few minutes for the vet to come she died. While I lay beside her and stroked her, her breathing laboured, then ceased and she was gone, taking part of me with her.

I was blessed to have such a loving, loyal and faithful companion. The truest of friends. Heartache. It's true. The heart can actually ache. Oh. How the heart can ache.


  1. hugs to you ! (((Denise)))

    its never easy.


  2. Ah such sadness, I am sorry...she obviously left paw prints on your heart that you will carry forever:(

  3. I'm so sorry Denise. You must have lost a wonderful companion. Catherine

  4. Thanks for your kind thoughts.