Monday, 16 September 2013

Good Intentions.

I really dislike good intentions. There's a reason that the path to Hell is allegedly paved with them. No, call me harsh but I don't have time for people with good intentions. What I like is...  er ... let's call them 'good completions'. Following through. Delivering on those intentions. I have all the time in the world for people with good completions. Then we all know where we are.

 Having said that I probably sound a bit mean when I say that the person who took Teo on loan had good intentions. He'd had them for a few months so I really thought he might follow through. I adapted my plans to accommodate him. Neds stayed on for a while at the livery stables while I went through the adoption process with the ponies so that she had company and didn't have to come home alone. I'm not the type of mean-spirited person to moan about the costs accrued in accommodating him. No, really I wouldn't do that. Even if I was really, really narked I wouldn't go there. The intentions were good after all. For an encouraging while I received great reports of how well the loan was going. What a great relationship they had. What hopes and great intentions for the future. That's when my antennae should have sprung to life. 'Great intentions for the future'. Ho hum. All was going swimmingly. That is until the economics of a new car and a loan horse at livery didn't compute and it became apparent that some more paving had been laid. But at least he let me know and I'd made allowances with my set up in case this happened.

So the outcome is that Teo is home. Which, in all honesty feels right to me.

She has met the ponies and discounted the fence, jumping it twice so far...

And her and Neds were delighted to be back together...

...because having watched Neds with the ponies I can appreciate that mutual grooming becomes a bit one sided between a pony of 30 inches and a 16hh horse.Try as they might the mini's can only reach her knees while  in return they get a great back scratch.

But the reality is that now I've ended up with four! My set up means that their management is a doddle but really. Four. That is ridiculous. So being a self-confessed hypocrite I'm perfectly happy to announce my own good intentions. The ponies will go back to the sanctuary. Obviously. I called Prince over to tell him. We had a scratch and a nuzzle and a cuddle as we do several times a day. I told him of my good intentions.

 And he discussed them with Pongo

Who chuckled and explained all about good intentions and how they come to nought. And how they are just things that humans say because it sounds right. How humans think that is what other humans want or expect to hear. How they never follow them through. How all they do is pave some mythical path with them. He claimed they were also known as lies. He is a wise old boy.

And they both ambled back out into the field

where they'll (hopefully) live happily ever after. 

Let's face it, four is only 100% more than I started with. And if it wasn't for someone's good intentions I'd never have met these little hairy ponies who have totally stolen my heart. Maybe good intentions aren't so bad after all. 

So just to clarify things, the ponies won't be going anywhere. I never was a 'get rid' sort.  Once something moves in here it's for the duration.  As if you hadn't guessed. But don't get alarmed I do let visitors leave. Well, human ones at any rate.


  1. I have a suspicion that those ponies have known their intentions the moment they spotted you!

    Kind of reminds me of George Orwell in some strange way: four legs good, two legs bad... make of that what you will!

    1. Yes they definitely saw me coming! But lucky me I reckon.

  2. Mmm? Four is nothing, seven is something? However, I could only ride one horse at a time. So I now have just two. But, they were kept until certain people wanted them. I do miss them, so...............keep them.

    Resist all ideas to return any. Give yourself one year, I can promise you, that you will be enamoured of there presence.

    1. No don't worry Cheyenne, no-one's going anywhere. Unless you think three would be nice....????

    2. I also have a donkey, called Jacob.

    3. I've seen him on your blog - I love donkeys.