Monday, 26 August 2013

All home.

The ponies arrived on Friday.
They've been living together at the sanctuary for a few days and by all accounts get on well. It's a pure delight to see them settling in.

                                              Ponies - Hello! Do we live here now?

 It seems to me that they've adopted a Grandpa/ Grandson relationship, what with Pongo being an experienced old boy and Prince little more than a baby, albeit a baby that shouldn't have experienced what he has.
 Pongo - C'mon Son, we'll explore - but whatever you do don't touch 
               that white tape.
 Prince - OK Gramps but the white tape is fine. I've been through it
              seven times since we got here half an hour ago. 
              I've even unravelled it right across the field. 
              That woman and I have been playing at chasing each other
              through it. She likes it so much that she’s been engrossed with it
              for a while now.
Pongo -    Hmmm... 

  Pongo - Wow you moved like a race horse there Son,
                hang on while I catch you up.
  Prince - That white tape bit me Gramps!
  Pongo - Yup. I hate to say I told you so.
  Prince - Well I'm hiding from it in this 2 foot high grass.
                I'm never coming out again.
  Pongo-  Maybe next time you'll listen to your old Gramps.
               I've been around a while you know.

        Pongo - Cmon kid, you'll be safe if you stick by me and we'll have a

                      look at the hedgerow. There are tasty things in hedgerows.
        Prince - Well if your sure it's safe Gramps, but I'm gonna get as far
                     under you as I can. That nasty white tape might come after us.
                      Is it behind us? I daren't look.
         Pongo - Don't worry Son,  I've never known it chase anyone.
                      But I'll keep an eye out for it ....nope just that woman hanging 
                      around again.

Initially they were very wary and had no intention of being caught again so I left them to find their feet and just sat in the field with them. After a couple of days when I sat down they'd come over and have a scratch, then I'd leave. Pongo in particular seemed a bit bemused by this and really looked puzzled when I didn't try to catch him or put a head collar on him. Soon they were coming to meet me when I went out.

                        Prince - Ah there's our Scratcher - c'mon!
                        Pongo - Actually I think she might be our new mum. But she is
                                     a pretty good Scratcher.

Saturday morning saw a lovely sight from the bedroom window -apologies for the glare from the camera flash on the glass.

And then on Sunday evening Naidu (commonly known as Neds) came home and met them over the stable door.

                         Pongo - I think she's looking at me. I'm going to introduce myself.
                         Neds  - Hmm I wonder if he knows I'm looking at him. It would be nice
                                      if he introduced himself.

                         Pongo - Hey pretty lady - good to meet a fellow appaloosa.
                         Neds   - Are you sure you're an appaloosa - you're kind of short.

                     Prince - Gramps why are you acting all weird and spending all your time
                                  outside Neds's stable ? 
                                  And I thought you said you we should be proud to be 
                                  Shetland ponies?                          
                     Pongo - (humming 10cc's 'I'm not in love) It's so comfortable here. I may
                                  stay here all night. We Appaloosas are partial to tarmac.

                      Prince - Hey Scratchy Lady – I mean Mum, I think something's 
                                   wrong with Gramps. He says we have to stay here all night! 
                           Me -  Don't worry Prince you can sleep where you like. 
                                     In the other stable, in the field...
                         Pongo - Just lie down somewhere nearby and go to sleep. 
                         Prince - Well if you're sleeping outside Neds's bedroom window then 
                                      I'm sleeping outside Mum’s bedroom window.

So he did. And there he was when I opened the curtains in the morning. What a lovely sight,

 And here's another from the kitchen window at coffee time today.

I'll give them a couple of days alongside each other in the field, separated by the electric fence then let them mingle. It is indescribably lovely to have them here.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Lucky you... no, I take that back... lucky them! Enjoy xx

    1. Definitely lucky me. They are lovely!

  2. Its looking idyllic, glad things worked out for them. Yuo have no excuse now.

    1. It is! It's been a long time dream to have the horses at home. They've even got used to me appearing in my spotty dressing gown and fluffy slippers! The neighbours may feel differently!