Wednesday, 19 June 2013


A few posts back I wrote about 'Project - Address the Outside' (here) and how I intended to make the place manageable now that I'm staying put. Well for the last month or so things have been busy here at Scribbles' Towers. There have been men with skips, wagons,diggers and rollers,  men with heavy machinery. Men with shovels and spades, cement mixers, whackers and wheelbarrows.

Men with great talent and and sadly to say men who should know better.
I've discovered that most of these men listen to your plans, discuss ideas and produce a quality job exactly to the specifications of what you want. These men are truly fantastic. Then there are the men who don't do that because let's face it what does a blonde haired air-headed female know?(I won't mention any names here Digger Man). I've made lots of cups of tea, frequently expressed delight and occasionally had to raise my voice (me??!!) and resist buying a shotgun or picking up a conveniently placed crowbar. Ahem. It turns out that Digger Man was brilliant as long as he stayed in the digger but once out of it he morphed into a liability with a profound case of selective deafness. Anyhow despite the odds we both survived and the outcome so far is great with lots of ground having been lifted and taken away and replaced with other ground. I won't complain at the hugely underestimated ground preparation costs and timescale (damn you Digger Man). You live and learn and I've put it down to experience. I've even stopped crying when I see my bank balance now. The professionalism of the tarmac gang was a balm and time is a great healer. Metaphorically speaking many eggs have been broken and I've nearly got an omelette. Nearly.

I must admit to finding the whole thing fairly stressful. Not the deconstruction / reconstruction part, just actually having people here all the time and all that frenetic energy. Me and my beasties have slipped into a calm and peaceful (if somewhat slow) way of life with occasional visits from friends and family and regular visits from the Dearly Beloved. Honestly, watching all that activity has been exhausting! Even the neighbours found it interesting though.

 And they are so pretty that even out of focus (oops) they proved to be a great distraction

although even they embraced the demolition side of things.

 And for a couple of days there I was unexpectedly and unreasonably called upon to actually physically help!  (which was never in the plans Digger Man!) Given my slow motion 'alternative methods' of doing things I'm sure it was probably as stressful for Digger Man as it was for me although I was the one who ended up with the crushed thumb and extremely painful and unattractive black nail. Here it is three weeks later after the cartoon like swelling has gone down.

 Not exactly feminine huh? But to be fair it wasn't that feminine before 'The Incident'. I'll never be the girly type no matter how I try. And I do. Sometimes. Well, I did once. That resulted in my falling down a cliff in Kefalonia, breaking my false nails and snazzy flipflops and getting soaked in the sea. But that's another story.

Back to the abominable nail, it's fascinating waiting for it to drop off and wondering what monstrosity lies beneath. When it does I'm thinking of sending it to Digger Man as a little reminder. Would that be so wrong? Anyway I've digressed again. I'm getting worse than Ronnie Corbett.

But that brings me to the point of this post. Having got so far I'm now stuck waiting for a brickie. And the man who's making my new gates is stuck waiting for the brickie. And the garden isn't secure so the dogs are restricted while we wait for the brickie. And the remaining work is on hold, waiting for the brickie. Progress has been stalled all for the want of a single brick gatepost. It turns out that good brickies are hard to find and, once found are harder to get to come round and build things.Being a proactive sort of person I'm wondering about actually physically catching one. I've got some idea of how to go about it after watching many wildlife documentaries where large animals are trapped and sedated for whatever reason. I saw one yesterday (a brickie that is, not a large wild animal) on my travels and could clearly see the advantages of lassooing him with my tow rope that lives in the back of the car but even I was questioning the ethics of drugging him with horse sedative from my first aid cupboard.

Wrong on so many counts!
 And then there's always the chance he wouldn't do a tidy job under duress. It's probably best to let one do it in his own time.

So we wait.

Did I mention that there are some situations where I lack patience?


  1. You? Lack patience in any situation? I can hardly believe it :)

    Lovely cow pics btw.

  2. I cant believe you lack patience. That you dont tolerate the idiocy of others? Why? ...................ROTFLOL!!!

    Good tale, I fully understand how you felt!

    1. Hi Cheyenne,
      I'm really enjoying your ranch holiday posts but I can't add comments to your blog anymore. It asks for a google plus account that I don't have?