Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bath Time.

 Now that Nellie has beautiful feathers she likes to keep them well groomed. She loves the way they are all coppery with delicate black lines laced through them.

Last week after much searching she found the ideal spot to make a dust bath. 
Under the hedge, behind the delphinium type things she set to.

She had a scrape about to test the quality of the soil...

.... and declared it perfect.

She spent ages wriggling about getting just the right shape...

Checking and re-checking until it was just so...

and eventually she settled down for a lovely bath.

Alas she was being watched by the chicken formerly known as Peggy. Known these days as 'Evil Peggy'.

Just after Nellie got started Evil Peggy made her move...

And sensibly Nellie vacated the bath pretty rapidly while Evil Peggy inspected it,

 declared it suitable (if a bit on the small side) and evicted Nellie

while she climbed in and enlarged it.

Then Evil Peggy added insult to injury by inviting her old mate the chicken formerly known as Betty but known these days as 'Beat'em up Betty' to share it with her.

The pair behaved disgracefully

cavorting and frolicking in broad daylight.

They had no shame

and quite frankly Nellie was disgusted. 

She left them them to it.

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