Wednesday, 10 April 2013


The new chickens are to be kept in the run for a few days so that they know where home, safety, nest boxes and bed are. Then they can go out and free range around the garden. They are also to be kept apart from the highly affronted and potentially murderous Peggy and Betty for a while. They can meet through the safety of the wire and they all go into the coop together at night (they are all docile and drowsy in the dark), but it can take a while for the pecking order to be established and I don't want them getting bullied when they are are so vulnerable.
Well, that was the plan.
This morning was lovely with warm sunnyspells.
Betty and Peggy were happily pottering in the garden.

When something caught Peggy's eye and she was off - with intent!

I looked to see what she was after. And saw a little ginger speck by the wood-shed.

An escapee!

Having headed off the thugs and diverted them with mealworms I turned round to find it was the boldest one with the smallest comb that I've been identifying as 'the minnie one'. Seems that she's now Minnie the Minx.We have minnie comb, floppy comb and perky comb so goodness knows how the other names will develop.

I was delighted when she came directly to me. 

She wouldn't come right up but she obviously already identifies me as 'safe' which is good. Then the sun came out again and she went straight back to her spot and laid down in it.

This is her first sun-bathing session. 
This is what makes having ex-battery hens so rewarding. 

 I let her enjoy it for a while then guided her back into the run. It hadn't occurred to me that they might escape by getting over the four foot divider in the run but clearly more security was called for.

Meanwhile Betty waits for another opportunity...


  1. That Minnie has definitely found her 'home' then! You're just going to have to let her out to get there in spite of Betty.

    Seriously tho, that poor wee thing. She looks so scrawny and defeathered, but I'm sure it won't take long under your ministrations for her to look great. I can remember Betty when she arrived, so you'll just have to remind Betty of that when she has that murderous look in her eye!

    1. They are really scabby as well from all the pecking and cannibalism that goes on due to the overcrowding. Hens go for any sign of blood so this morning has involved the liberal application of purple spray! I think there's more on me than anything else.