Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring is Sprung.

Yesterday was cold, bright and dry. Lambs in the field were baaing and the crocuses are flowering under the old convoluted hazel. Although cold, there were blue skies and sunshine. So much so that the dogs and I pottered about  in the garden and when P visited we (P and I, not the dogs) decamped to the hot-tub for an hour and imagined that spring had sprung at last.
It seems we were misled. Today there is a gale force wind howling in from the east and flinging sleet and snow in all directions.
The beasties are even less impressed than me and aren't prepared to go out in it for long, preferring to monitor the situation from the window sill.

Mickey -Ugh! I'm not going out there.

Tess - Ugh! Only an idiot would go out there.

Chico - Ooh snow! Let's all go out to play!

At least the front of the house is a bit sheltered. The trailer hasn't been swallowed up yet but getting the car down the driveway to the road was 'interesting'. It's parked up now and won't be going anywhere until the snow storm has passed which, according to the weathermen will be in around 48 hours. There's a block under the wheel because once P parked her car on the track in similar conditions only to find that an hour later it had made a bid for freedom and slid away down the slight incline. Lesson learned.
   As I sit here in front of the fire the wind is moaning down the chimneys and battering the back of the house in a rage. Piling sleet and snow in drifts against walls and windows so you can't see out.

While I was covering the hen run with old horse rugs to provide some shelter I noticed the diagonal icicles on the shed roof. That's a first and shows just how strong and bitter the wind is.

Late afternoon saw the sleet and snow ease although the sky looked ominous and the wind was still vicious and gale force. At least I could see through the kitchen window again. As the light faded the view wasn't very welcoming.

We've had it easy here this winter with much less snow than usual so I don't like to complain but really I have to say I'm not impressed with Spring so far. Roll on Summer.


  1. Yes I appreciate the weather now!! Well the hot stuff anyway!

    1. Hot stuff? A have a vague memory of sunshine and warmth ...
      Hope you're managing the horses ok in this foul stuff.