Saturday, 23 March 2013


Overnight more snow drifted across the back garden. Covering another level of the fence and creating a crisp, bleak landscape from the kitchen window. There are four equally spaced horizontals on the fence. Although the second photo looks like it's black and white it's actually taken in colour. The world beyond the window has become monochrome.

                          Yesterday afternoon.                        This morning.

It was a shock to discover that last night's gales had enabled the snow to infiltrate the closed sheds. And drift over everything that I thought was under cover. I wonder if the poor old garden tractor will ever recover? It wasn't in the best shape prior to this.

It's not that there has been a lot of snow. But add the wind and you find that the road is lost beneath several feet of drifts and unless you're driving something that clears the way before you, you're not going anywhere.

The road outside my house was cleared by a kind farmer this morning.

Ensuring that people could get to feed their animals. I'm glad my horses are snug in their stables at the livery yard. It is hard work keeping them fed, watered, warm  and healthy when they live out in this type of weather.

The snow reflects a brash light into the house and the spring bulbs on the kitchen windowsill  look a little incongruous against the stark white backdrop. Surely they belong with blue skies, fluffy clouds and birdsong rather than whiteouts and wailing wind.

The amaryllis was a Christmas present. I love to watch them grow steadily, wondering what colour the glorious fleshy petals will be. This year's is a more unusual colour with the lovely dark salmon bleeding artfully into the white and yellow interior.

And there are more to come.

They remind me that despite the snow it's March and ultimately, more spring-like weather will put in a show soon. And then next week-end the clocks go forward an hour,giving us light evenings to potter in the garden.

....Hopefully we won't be building Snowgnomes!

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