Monday, 18 March 2013

Chico's World

Down on the beach on a bitter cold day Chico enjoys a bit of beachcombing...

Chico - Ooh what's that? I must investigate.

 It's a little ball - just the right size for me!

 Tess - What's Chico found?

 Tess - Well it's a bit flat but it'll do.

 Tess - Yup, forget it terrier boy - it's mine!
                Chico - Grrr Grrr  Get lost Baldy! Err I mean it was 
for you anyway Tess! 

 Right let's see what other toys have been washed ashore.
Ooh what's that?

A snake!  Grr Grr I've got it! Grr Grr. 

I'm gonna kill it! Grrrrrrr! Grrrrrrr!

Er hang on. I think it's got me. Help! Mum!

 Mum? Aaargh where's Mum?
 Rolf! Help! We're lost!

       Rolf - Lost? Rubbish ! She's up on the path behind the grassy tussocks but you're too small to see. 
Now let me dig my emergency hole in peace.
Chico-  But the dog catcher will get us! 

Rolf - Don't panic you idiot. She's there. Pointing that camera thing at us.
Come on I'll take you to her.
Chico - I love you Rolf! I love love love love you. I do. I do. I do.
Rolf - If I ignore you for long enough will you go away?

       C'mon Mum! We're going home through the woods and 
I'm not letting you out of my sight again!

Thank goodness we're home. I'll just recover for a while in my tartan blanket.

The thought of being lost on the beach as the night falls!

I can just imagine how cold and dark it would be. Brrr.

I'm traumatised you know. Really traumatised.
A biscuit might help...


  1. Yes it is rather unseasonable! God knows when this is all going to end!

  2. I see my pal Rolf is practising his digging for when I'm in need. I'm putting a pond in my garden so his services might be required sooner rather than later, so keep him practising!

    1. I'm thinking of a pond as well! He can practice with you then be skilled when I get round to it.