Saturday, 9 March 2013

Arty farty.

I've been trying to work on an assignment for my photography course. It's supposed to be arty pictures in black and white. Fairly abstract.
The brief is to produce 10 - 15 shots that illustrate the following;

  • A single point that dominates the composition.
  • Two points.
  • Several points in a deliberate shape.
  • Implied triangles.
  • A combination of vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Curves.
  • Diagonals.
  • Distinct if irregular shapes.
  • Pattern.
  • Rhythm.
Initially I was taken with the idea of shadows and texture but got awfully bored after a few shots.

This one could have been 'Distinct if irregular shapes'.

 Curves perhaps?

After a while I moved on to more solid objects around the house.

When you look around there are curves all over the place.

But for me these were lacking something so I spent yesterday photographing a friend / volunteer model / victim and interpreted the brief in all kinds of artistic ways. The power of the photographer was a little heady. My poor friend was exhausted. Honestly I'd have thought all of that exercise and pilates would have helped with the more extreme poses. How hard can it be to do the lotus position while standing on your head? And I'm sure that professional models aren't allowed to talk to the photographer in that manner. And anyway it was me that had the hard work of sorting out the lighting and 'helping' her to achieve the required poses. Why she kept insisiting that the human body simply doesn't bend that way I don't know. I just knew it was possible. 
 But I certainly appreciated her efforts and the outcome is that we have a good selection of interpretations to submit to my tutor.  

Someone appeared half way through to show us how it's really done.

                  Mickey - Pfft. What on earth are you doing? If you needed a model you should have asked me. Watch me pose. I'm a professional you know. 

He was right. One picture and he managed to get all of the elements into it! 


  1. That Mickey sure knows how to pose it up!

    1. And he's as demanding as any other top model!