Friday, 2 November 2012

The blues

Late this afternoon the horizontal rain and moaning wind stopped suddenly as the gale blew itself out and the sun made a last valiant effort as it dropped towards the horizon. There was just enough time to let the dogs stretch their legs.
Down on the beach just as the inky dark began its descent the air was crisp and sharp. The kind that nips right through your gloves, causing you to wriggle your fingers out from their individual woollen covers to curl against your palms for warmth. It caught me out with my thin jacket and no hat.
The stillness seemed to echo and was broken only by the shrill whistles and calls of the distant sea birds flocking out along the water's edge.
The first photo is taken from a similar point as the pink header shot above but they seem poles apart, and it's interesting to see how Nature's different colours change the mood of a place so much.

Even the last of the light looked cold. 

 Not even a hint of pinkness to suggest better weather tomorrow.

Everything was steeped in shades of blue. 

And the strange mood was fitting for the solitary heron who watched and waited at the old Victorian pool that appears when the tide goes out.

Rolf started collecting weather predicting materials so we can plan our walks better without relying on the modern meteorological  techniques that seem to get it wrong so often.

Rolf - I'm sure this seaweed will come in useful.

And across the Solway the lights from the antennae at Anthorn glowed and twinkled warmly against the cold backdrop of the evening. 

Reminding me of the warmth and comfort waiting at home.

Where after tea we cuddled up on the couch to thaw out and doze in front of the fire.

Rolf & Chico - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Very cute!..........Thats a great shot of Anthorn, some nights it looks closer than others, wonder why that is, anyway, looks like a good walk was had by all! Our stove has just given up the ghost, ordered a new one last week, have you seen the price of these things now????? Needs must!

  2. I love my stove, it heats the radiators and hot water as well as looking pretty but they're very popular now aren't they?
    You're right about Anthorn, sometimes it looks like you could just walk across and others it's miles away. I like the way the combination of the sea, the light and the weather gives things different perspectives.

  3. Beautiful photos and text. Your blog is always a pleasure to read Denise.

    With such fantastic views I can see why you're so keen on photography.

  4. Thanks Karen :-) I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful place. It's certainly inspiring.