Sunday, 4 November 2012

Introducing Mickey Mouser.

Some time ago a tiny kitten with huge bat ears came to live with me when his owner could no longer keep him. When I held him I could feel a strange rythm in his chest beneath his purring so I took him to the vet's for a check up. The vet listened to his chest, shook his head and diagnosed a 'significant' heart murmur. He said the kitten was unlikely to survive to adulthood and sent us home with two broken hearts between us and lots of Fortecor tablets which might help the kitten but weren't going to do much for me.
That was eight years ago. 

This is Mickey Mouser now, miniature king of all he surveys, expert rodent dispatcher and dog aggravator extraordinaire. 
Mickey - My goodness I'm handsome.

Way back in 2004 it became apparent that the wrestling required to get the pills down his throat caused far more stress to his heart than just living so we had to abandon that route. He's managed since without medication. Cats are far more sensible than dogs and will rest when they need to so we take each day as it comes and are thankful for each one.
He is smaller than a standard sized cat and he has the occasional off day but other than that he copes well.

People often ask if the dogs are ok with him, given the high prey drive of German Shepherds and Parson's Russell Terriers.

Mickey - There were three in the bed and the little one said...

                       Chico -   Chase it? Have you seen those teeth and claws? 
                                     Don't tell it I said so but it's quite bad-tempered you know.
                       Mickey - I heard that.
                       Chico  -  Gulp.
 Mickey has educated a succession of adult rescued dogs about the heirarchy of the household. Each evening he has his mad half hour when he wears his best psychopath expression and hurtles round the house like a well armed exocet and woe betide any canine that gets in his way. They learn to respect him very quickly.

He's also very well read and long before I got a decent camera he showed an early interest in books...

Ooh what've we got here?

... that continues today.

Actually this one isn't holding me at all.

I've found that his taste is very much like mine. Identical in fact. Whenever I put a book down he makes a beeline for it. I suppose he's only had access to my bookshelves so it's to be expected really.

He's a real character. He often pops out of the shrubbery or down a tree in the woods to join us on walks and has the rather annoying habit of sneaking invisibly along behind us until he's out of his comfort zone. Then he starts a wailing demand that either we return home or I pick him up.

He's also very photogenic.

Funny to have around.

                               Me - Are you tired Mickey?
                               Mickey - Yes it's hard work being a supermodel.
                                              I'm off for a lie down

What do you mean 'it's Chico's bed'? Nonsense!

Not to mention loving, cuddly and trusting.


Given that cats are free to go where they choose it's lovely that he chooses to be here as part of my hairy family.
I'm glad he's had the chance to grow into his ears.


  1. Very, very photogenic and I love those hairy ears. x

    1. When I got him a farmer told me that big ears meant a good mouser. It's turned out to be true. Unlike other cats I've known he's never grown out of mousing. And he's always kind enough to bring them home to share.Well, bits of them anyway! :-O