Tuesday, 2 October 2012


It's rained so much that everywhere is muddy and mired and tractors leave clarty ruts in their wake to suck the wellies of unsuspecting walkers.

I am told that some dogs don't like this and avoid getting their paws wet. No matter how many times I've explained to my beasties that this is a desirable trait in a dog  they refuse to listen. As you can see from today's walk they love the dirty brown ponds that have appeared in gateways.

                    Rolf - Hey Tess look at this fabulous dirty brown pond that's 
                          appeared in this gateway!
                Tess- YAY! Come on!
                Me - NOOOOOOOO!

               Tess - No? You are joking?
               Rolf - Wait I must dig an emergency hole.
               Me - DON'T YOU DARE GO IN THERE TESS!


               Tess - Huh! Well I'm going to plodge round the edges then. If you ask
                      me you should be keeping your eyes on Chico instead of spoiling
                      my fun.

               Chico - Oooh aahhhh my favourite! Rancid dead thing.

                       Chico - MMMMMM lovely!

                Me - Right, you dirty, stinking little horror. Just you wait until we find some clean water.

                Tess - Here's some, I'll just check if it's deep enough. 
                            Yup. In you get Chico.

                Chico - There that's me all bathed and clean again.

        Tess - Are you sure?
       Chico - Absolutely. Lemme out I need to go and help Rolf. He's very busy over 
                     by the woods.

          Rolf - I'm very busy over by the woods digging an emergency hole.

        Me - At least you're not all wet and dirty. Now where's Tess gone?
                 OH NO!

                                      Tess - I fell in. Honest! Look how upset I am.

       Tess - Hey boys! I fell in. Help!


       Rolf  - Don't  worry Tess. I'm good in emergencies. I'll show you the way out.
                  We must go the long way through all the mud.

       Chico - Wait for me!

                                Me - I give up.


  1. Yeah me too!....................My wellie sprang a leak today.

    1. I reckon we need waders Cheyenne!

  2. Hilarious as ever, Denise! It so brightens my day. Cathy Spinks (also on the OU course) and I were discussing the merits of your e-bike to help her recover from a hip operation. This week she had a recurrence of an old war would (falling down a mountain in her youth and breaking her neck) and is currently recumbent. So I think maybe a recumbent e-bike would suit her just fine. Hee hee!

    Oh and by the way, the house-sale blog had me in stiches. Especially the sneaky man who met the dogs unexpectedly. Ha! Loved it!!!

    Best wishes to you and the animals. Can't wait for spring!


    1. Hi Bob. There have been e.bike developments! See my next post. I can't recommend an e.bike enough to anyone who either struggles with mobility or can't pedal a regular bike. But I'd also recommend doing plenty of research and buying new if possible. Only buy second hand if it's very cheap. And there's always a reason for something being cheap!
      Glad you're still enjoying my blog tales. Thanks for dropping by :-)