Saturday, 29 September 2012

Autumn again.

Although I haven't taken part in the Sunday Stills challenge for a while their current subject is 'Signs of Fall'. It only seems a minute since I was out taking photo's for 'Signs of Fall' last year. The intention of having a quick look back at last years post resulted in me wasting loads of time looking through the blog and I saw that I'd neglected to mention the outcome of  Project Log Store  . Well it was finally completed last autumn and has worked really well. I was managing very well with the build and really there was no need for my Dearly Beloved to get involved with the roof. It was only a few inches off. And anyway if only he'd made it much clearer which were his pencil marks I'd never have cut the final bits of wood too short. I think I heard him muttering 'stupid botch' at one point but let's face it - it's a log store. Not precision engineering. A little botch here and there is fine. The garden fairies will insist on collecting 'potentially useful' bits of wood on their travels and dumping them there though. And I inevitably find myself wondering what little project they could be used for.
I have a new log supplier who delivers the logs and chucks them right into the store for me. No more log mountains lying around for weeks (or months) waiting for my friends to stack. I didn't like to complain at the time but my friends weren't always the most diligent of log stackers. A lesser person might suspect that they avoided visiting when there were logs about but I'm pretty sure that although they haven't said as much they miss those log stacking days.

Last year I mentioned that I was envious of the fact that swallows nest at my friend's house every year. This year I was truly delighted when a pair built a nest in my shed.
Unfortunately their first attempt wasn't in a great place being less than four feet above the ground and incorporating some tins of woodstain.
So they left that one and moved into the rafters to build a penthouse.
Where they were strategically placed to decorate my temporarily (due to flare up of back problem)  unused electric bike.
They successfully raised two broods there. Then last week they gathered on the wires for a final time and away they went. They were shy little things and I didn't want to upset them by closing in for photo's so these pics were taken after they left. Very unlike those that persist in nesting almost in my friend's kitchen and are unphased by people. I've kept the shed door propped open all summer for them so I suppose I can close it now.
I love swallows. To me they embody all that is positive. When their houses fall down or are judged sub-standard they don't sit on the wires bemoaning their fate they just get on with rebuilding them. They seem joyful and free as they flit tbetween buildings and soar in the open skies. Then after working hard all summer they set off to the other side of the world for a few months. Just like that.No fanfare. No fuss.  I'm always sorry to find they've gone. Just as I'm always delighted to see them return. Lets hope they fare well and come  home next year.


  1. Swallows are amazing - we had a nest that was above the car garage that I didnt have the heart to hose while wetting everything down. When the fire swept over our house, the nest was still there...

    and so during the month of july was a momma swallow sitting on her eggs. Those babies were a good thing to have around, it certainly gave life to the place! Especially when it came time to fly the nest! Very tough birds indeed!

  2. Yes they certainly are. You must have been inspired to find they survived after your terrible experience. Thanks for stopping by and I hope things continue to improve for you.