Monday, 6 August 2012

Rain, rain, go away...

This afternoon  the sudden cessation of  rain hissing  and pattering (don't get that the wrong way round)  onto the roof and windows indicated that the incessant downpour may have abated. I wondered if the dogs fancied a walk. Tess went to the front door to check the weather.
No it's definitely not raining. These aren't raindrops in my fur.

Chico suggested there might be a spot of drizzle but I was a bit suspicious when he wouldn't look me in the eye.

Maybe she'll believe me if I avoid eye contact.

When I looked out I found that they weren't being very honest.

I don't blame them really, if we wait for the rain to stop they might not get out until next year some time. But I told Tess that I was disappointed in her and she was obviously ashamed.

I'll pretend to be ashamed and give her my 'hang-dog' look.

 Rolf was clearly expressing his disapproval at their dishonesty.

  Actually I'm expressing my disapproval of this filthy floor. 
If we're not going out you'd better plug the hoover in. 

It's great that I understand them without the need for speech. So we closed the door and had another cup of coffee hopeful that it might desist a little later and we'll only need waterproofs, leggings and wellies instead of a boat. If it wasn't raining so heavily we'd be able to see  the pigs flying past.


  1. Replies
    1. Sunshine now Cheyenne!Two whole days!

  2. I just love that photo of Tess.

  3. Still reading and loving your Blog, Denise. Keep it coming. I still think you should put all your Blog writings and photos into a book. It would be a great read and would be inspiring. Best wishes and well done for carrying on with the photography learning. Bob (ex OU photography course).

    1. Thanks Bob! It's good to hear from you and thanks for being so encouraging. How lovely to think that anyone would be inspired by my work. Thoughts for the future there. Hope you're still enjoying your photography as well.