Thursday, 19 July 2012


The tranquility of the morning was shattered a while ago by several loud crashes, the frantic scrabbling of doggy claws on laminate floors and the alarming drone of a small aircraft approaching. Then this monster waspy thing shot into the living room with Chico in hot pursuit wearing his maddest 'I'm gonna eat it' expression. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Chico could have hitched a ride on it. Well maybe a little. But it was huge!

Haha! I am zee giant killer wazzzp !

And is that an enormous stinger thing?

Yezzz. Look at my enormous zzzztinger zzzing and be afraid!

Eeeek! I was very afraid.

Much to his disgust I shut the wailing Chico the Brave (for brave read stupid) Giant Wasp Killer in the hall and grabbed my camera for a quick snap before catching The Thing in a  pint glass and liberating it to terrify someone else.
Chico is back in and slobbering all over the window trying to find it

It was definitely here a minute ago! I wanted to eat it.
but at least he's had the sense to call in reinforcements.
Where? Where?

Is it my imagination or are British insects getting bigger every year?


  1. Hi Denise, its a Pine Wasp, lives in old Pine trees, looks to lay eggs in rotting trunks, totally harmless! I know its big, but its ok, Lol!

  2. Harmless??? The very size is enough to induce a heart attack!
    Actually I've looked it up and it seems that its 'stinger' is actually an ovipositor for drilling into wood and laying eggs. Interesting creature but I don't want it in my house! Thanks Cheyenne :-)

  3. I'm in agreement with you Denise. I mean I don't wish any Pine Wasps harm, it's just I'd rather they weren't anywhere near me!

  4. Despite Cheyenne's reassurance, it doesn't look harmless to me! I think you were very brave Denise.

    'Ovipositor' - what a wonderful word!

  5. Funnily enough I have a really swollen arm today after being bitten/stung by a tiny thing! It seems it's the mini beasties we need to beware of. I've declared war.