Sunday, 1 April 2012

More gadgets.

I know I've already mentioned my love of gadgets on the post linked here:
but imagine my delight when a chance conversation down at the stables alerted me to the existence of electric bikes. It transpired that the one we were talking about was for sale. Numbers were exchanged and the seller very kindly brought the out to my village where, on route to the stables there is a vertical cliff. Some call it a steep hill and it's true that I have seen vehicles negotiate it but it certainly is steep. The idea was to see if a) I can ride the at all, and b) if I can ride the up the hill. The bike is 'power assisted' and when the slightest pressure is applied to the pedals the power kicks in and the rider shrieks off into the distance at an amazing rate of knots. Believe me, shriek is the appropriate verb here.
My back problems prevent me from riding an ordinary bike or walking very far so for me this is utter joy inducing freedom. The shrieking was quickly replaced by the ridiculous grin that took over my face. I gave it a couple of days to check that there weren't any delayed negative effects and then the moved in.
I thought this was the ultimate in happiness but then discovered a contraption known as The Walky Dog! This enables cyclists (and those of us who sit on a bike and whose legs occasionally go round but aren't really pedaling) to take a dog safely and securely alongside the bike. Obviously holding a dog lead while riding is a bit dodgy and is likely to result in multiple injuries all round when Fido spots a small hairy thing that shouts 'chase me across the road and into the ditch'. Not so with the Walky Dog. It attaches just so...
And the dog runs at the normal heel position and can't get ahead of or behind the wheels. A short spring loaded leash absorbs any jerks or pulling. Rolf and Chico 'got it' first time out and love it. Almost as much as I do. I take them out one at a time and as soon as I get the bike out they get really excited and eager to get going. We can now set off down to the beach in the fresh air and I can actually tire them out which is a first!

Tess is far too arthritic for it but the Walky Dog site also has these...
How mad is that? I had heard of such things but doubted that they were real. Hmm. I can picture myself riding along with Rolf alongside, Chico resting in a handlebar basket and Tess in the trailer. Who knows? All things are possible with the appropriate gadgets...
I'm just waiting to meet some serious lycra clad cyclists now so I can overtake them and sail off into the distance with a mere turn of the pedals and without breaking sweat. Look out world.


  1. That is so fantastic Mari!

  2. Thanks Vee, it certainly is.I highly recommend it!