Thursday, 8 March 2012

Getting about.

Having been a bit tied to the house lately I haven't been able to get any decent pictures for the recent Sunday Stills Challenges. I was getting bored and whingey, forgetting that everyday things to hand are still sources of inspiration. Like the blue eyed pony in the back field.
A real character, he's only slightly taller than Rolf, who is fascinated by him. They spend a lot of time on either side of the fence observing each other.
There's a fair bit of over fence observation that goes on. The water butt is just outside my garden and the five Aberdeen Angus girls arrive daily to have a drink and a chat.
Initially the Angus heifers were astounded by the five hens and they would all stand in a row on their own sides of the fence, cows peering down and chickens stretching up on tiptoe to study each other. Unfortunately I never got a picture of that as I was laughing too much. These days the cows are still curious, but the chickens have far more important things to do.
Like scratching away the last remnants of the back lawn in their search for bugs and worms.

One of the Sunday Stills Challenges that I missed was 'Trees'. When I looked closer at the garden I realised that the naked winter branches of the Contorted Hazel against the evening sky would have fit the bill.
Not to mention the rough bark of a tree at the edge of the woods, just at the end of the garden.
And the spooky starkness of the Silver Birch in the dusk.
It turns out that you don't always have to go too far afield to get photographs.
Although speaking of going far afield I have plans.
One of my favourite pastimes used to be walking. I loved to set off with my dogs and wander the countryside for hours, no particular route in mind and see where we ended up. These days I can't do that and have had to adapt my dog walking. On a good day I drive to the field or woods or beach then I bumble along, stopping and starting and sitting quite often, while the dogs race about doing a mile for every one of my meters, and am pretty limited as to how far I can go. We don't bother talking about the not so good days. But in conversation yesterday I discovered the existence of The Electric Bike! No pedaling required! This is truly an exciting discovery.On returning home I dug out my old cycle helmet which Rolf and Chico assumed was a new toy.
Having retrieved it from them I fired up the laptop and spent the evening learning about electric bikes. As a result of all this excitement I could hardly sleep. I lay in bed dreaming of me and my electric bike (I think mountain bike versions exist - imagine!) sweeping through woodland tracks and along the beach paths with the dogs running alongside. I brushed aside images of tangled heaps of upturned wheels and furry bodies, and decided that if the battery went flat the dogs could surely be trained to tow me home. Ahem. In my mind I progressed to whirring alongside my mates as they go out horse riding.Again I ignored the montage of horses being spooked by a contraption that sounds like a giant horsefly.
Then I discovered that you can get trailers for them and lets face it, the possibilities are endless! OK so I may not have been the most accomplished cyclist prior to my back problems and it may well be that the locals and neighbours are in for a bit of a surprise but if I can cope with their death defying tractor driving feats (driving being a loosely applied term in this context) I reckon we'll all adjust.
To be fair they have got used to an elderly man in the neighbouring village who drives his mobility scooter around like a homicidal and suicidal demon, looming out of the fog and dark on the wrong side of the road and mowing down pedestrians with gay abandon. I'm a considerate sort of person. A sensible road user with a strong sense of self preservation so I think we'd be fine.As long as we don't meet the elderly man head on.
I'm very excited about this idea. Freedom and the ability to get out and about independently in the fresh air is one of those gifts that it's so easy to take for granted. I sometimes find myself moaning about my reduced mobility, forgetting that there are people who can't get out of the house or even their bed. Sometimes, particularly in difficult times, it's good to stop and remind ourselves of our good fortune and how lucky we really are.

Imagine, someone invented The Electric Bike! How lucky is that?


  1. Hi Mari, I do like that header shot! Just sold a blue eyed horse, but great post!

  2. Thanks Cheyenne, which horse did you sell? One that we've met on your blog?