Sunday, 15 January 2012


It has rained for months. Grey, miserable wetness, permeating everything.Water-logging the land. Driving against the windows in an incessant onslaught. Living near the coast means that the gales race in straight from the Irish Sea, over a small hillock and into my garden to batter the house and everything around it. Or so it seems. For a while there I thought that the horizon had been lost forever, a merging of the desolate dull land with a depressed sky. Then in the last few days something changed. The clouds blew away leaving a bright sky with starry nights and cold, dry, frosty days.It got colder. Sharper.Better.
Armed with my camera and new monopod I drove the dogs down to the beach and we wandered as the day light dropped. I tried (not very successfully) to capture the breath-taking aerobatic display of a small flock of starlings with a misty Skiddaw shy on the horizon.
As the tide crept in the light changed and our beach walk took on a lovely glow.
The sky was incredible and as the daylight dwindled, the sky above the frosted beach lingered.

And I thought 'Wow'.

Just Wow.


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  2. Whoops I've inadvertently removed your comment Cheyenne! Abject apologies, feel free to re-post!I must learn how to use Blogger!

  3. Yes, we are lucky aren't we? Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)

  4. Hi Mairi Yeah! I was on the beach the night before, exercising a horse for a friend at P**f**t. we had a really good time, clear cold and beautiful!

    1. Heh! Sorry about that Cheyenne! Thanks for re-posting.

  5. live close to the sea must be pure magic:)