Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday Stills Challenge - Corners.

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge is Corners-' find yourself a corner and play with light and shadows'. Inspired by a fellow photographer's photo of his dog in action I decided to try to capture Rolf jumping a fence in a place at the corner of the field where he always goes over it and Tess and Chico go through it. It started going wrong immediately when arthritic Tess got over-enthusiastic and joined in, going over the fence. She reminds me of myself, attempting things way beyond her ability and like me,although she managed it she'll probably cease up for the rest of the week. I should have thought it through a bit more. As you can see, while out walking she likes to collect rubbish.
Chico sensibly jumped a lower wire and Rolf bounced over. As you can see, while out walking he likes to collect sticks.

From a technical perspective I had the camera set on Manual, and they were jumping into shadowy woodland from bright light. As they were moving fast I set the exposure to 1/1000 second and the aperture to f4.5 to try to counter the darkness of the woods.I should have nudged it up a bit as they are a little over exposed. I also think I had the ISO too high at 800 and although I used auto-focus I still managed not to get a really sharp picture. If there are any photographers looking in I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to improve the shots before I have another go. But next time I'll make sure that Tess isn't in on the act.

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  1. Your dogs are beautiful and very talented. Nice shots!

  2. WOW! Your area is lovely, your dogs are way cool and your skill as a photographer outstanding!


  3. Beautiful captures! Excellent work and impressive. : )

  4. Thanks :)
    @ Terry &Linda - Very much a beginner and eager to learn but thank-you.It is a lovely area but when I see all the farms and ranches out in America, Canada, etc where so many of the Sunday Stills crowd live I'm a little envious!

  5. Beautiful dogs! I don't have any experience with action shots. That would be a good challenge! If you had them jumping the other'd lose the pretty background, but would the light have helped? Hmmm...

  6. Action shots are hard. I think you did a great job of setting up your corner shots. Love how your dogs collect things along your walks.

  7. not electrified fence? Boys here in New Zealand would throw sticks to check it the electricity is on.

    Thanks for visiting.

  8. These are great Mari. I don't think you need to worry, tho of course when they're printed they might look different, but on the blog they look perfect. Well done you!

  9. lovedtheaction picturesisthatastandinfortesslovedthelookofdisbeliefonchicoandrolfsfaces

    1. Thanks Lesley - Great that you can visit the blog now. You know them too well!
      P.S the space key is below the letter keys!!!:-)