Sunday, 18 December 2011

Working Dog

Rolf has come a long way. A few years ago his experience of people was that they beat him. A sudden movement evoked terror. A hand coming towards him induced panic. People were dangerous. But being a dog he's readily forgiven the human race. Earlier in the year he had a go at collecting for the local dog's home. I wasn't sure how he'd cope and was prepared to abandon ship if he wasn't happy but he loved it. So much so that when he had another go a couple of weeks ago he knew what was going on as soon as we drove into the car park. He enjoyed the attention from so many strangers. He was gentle and confident. P got a lump in her throat to see him being so trusting and friendly. On a bitter cold day in the recession people are still generous and I'm so proud that Rolf can help to raise money for dogs like himself, that have fallen foul of our disposable society. I wonder how many will be discarded this christmas to make way for a new puppy that will only have a short novelty value? If they're lucky they might end up somewhere like Glencaple Dog's Home and have a chance of a future.If humans had half of a dog's capacity to forgive we would be a much nicer species. It's good to know that Rolf is doing his bit for his pals. He's come a long way.


  1. Gorgeous! I think I've said before that our Nell, the rescue GS, used to be a registered Therapet. She loved it. It always amazed me that a dog that had been so cruelly treated could forgive and enjoy giving to people. She's too old now as can only just about make it upstairs on most days, but she still loves meeting and greeting. We are so lucky to have dogs like Rolf and Nell in our lives.

  2. We are Vee. They're amazing aren't they? I really enjoyed the series Extraordinary Dogs shown on Channel 5 (available on 5Demand on-line.)Well worth watching. It shows just how much dogs do for man. Amazing creatures.

  3. Beautiful post both in photo and words. Sounds like Rolf is an amazing pup. : )