Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday Stills- Signs of Fall (or autumn as we call it here!)

Someone should have told me that when you get a little flock of ex-battery hens you will spend all of your spare time watching their antics. As well as all of the time that you should be doing other everyday things. And not to mention all of the time that you should be doing other important things. I am behind schedule with everything. After they arrived I totally missed Sunday Skills and this week I'm late with a very poor effort!

I love autumn. It's my favourite season.But it's not really established here and the days are sliding through a slow transition that is characterised by greyness. Dull days,shortening into cold dark nights. We have yet to get the bright crispness of true autumn although there are signs of impending harsh times.

For a while the swallows have been gathering on the wires, readying themselves for their epic journey to Africa. When I saw the title of last week's Sunday Stills Challenge I thought they'd make a great subject and went out to find...
that they've already gone. So suddenly.One day they were here,swooping across the meadows by the woods and flitting through the stables. The next they're gone. I wish them luck for their gruelling journey.

Last year the hawthorn gave an early display along the hedgerows.The ruby shimmer in the evening gloom was breathtaking and it looks like it's going to be the same this year.
Last year it was the portent of a vicious and early winter so it will be interesting to see if it's the same this time. Judging by the occasional discordant sound of skeins of geese arriving well ahead of the expected time I fear the worst. The dried seedheads of the summer flowers look stark against the backdrop of a dismal sky.

But for all of the gloom there are good things too.

Like harvest time.I'm always impressed by my neighbour's garden produce.

And along with some of Nature's own we have the perfect ingredients for cooking and baking.

Time for some apple and bramble pie I think. Rich,golden pastry and gloops of thick,sweet,yellow custard. Mmmm. Delish! As I said, I love autumn.


  1. Save me a slice!!!.......Yeah, the Swallows sat on our telephone wire, then next day? They had gone, there was a silence in the stables, and a quietness around in the air.

  2. I'm glad you found time off from your hens to post. You capture signs of autumn beautifully. Are you sure you need a photography course?

  3. Oh too late Cheyenne!

    Thanks Karen, but I'm already learning loads. For example the 1st pic technically has too much glare. There are some amazing editing techniques, the turnips in the wheelbarrow pic is an example. I'm loving it!