Monday, 12 September 2011

Sunday Stills - Shiny things.

Ed mentioned that we needed sunlight for this challenge. That certainly made it a challenge here as we've had nothing but the greyest of skies and gales for the whole week! However it made me play with lighting instead, just to see what I could get.

A wine glass

Part of a candelabra


An Indian tapestry

It would have been nice to get some more natural pictures. I had sunlight on water in mind but I'm not convinced we'll ever get any more sunlight here on the Solway Coast. But then I'd never have had fun trying different techniques and I've learned a lot about my camera with this one.


  1. These are gorgeous! Great results for the challenge. : )

  2. Beautiful shots, where is the Solway Coast?

  3. Thanks for looking :)
    The Solway Coast is SW Scotland, UK. We're just getting the tail end of Hurricane Katia here. I can't imagine what your full blown version must be like!

  4. Hi Mari,
    Nice to meet you. All the shots are amazing! The strong point is the composition of the photographs :)

  5. Ooh Thanks! I tried out all sorts of things for this one and just chose a few that seemed to work well. I must try to get next week's up on time.

  6. Hi, I like your pictures. the Indian tapestry has its mysteriousness captured.