Monday, 5 September 2011

Sunday Stills Challenge - Potluck

This week's challenge is Potluck - anything that catches your eye.

Catching Rolf carrying out secret DIY in my rather overgrown garden caught mine. Click on the photo to get a better view of what he's carrying. I wondered where it had gone!
He's obviously saying to Tess 'you hold it and I'll hit it!'

Trouble-makers at the trough.
I wondered why the water pipe kept disconnecting from the trough. It normally leads in from outside the field but recently ever increasing lengths have appeared in the field. Mystery solved.

I love tabby cat markings, they are so striking. This is Mickey Mouser.

This is a crackle glazed incense burner. The reflection from the window caught my eye and I liked the contrast between the golden bits of the glass with the rest of it.


  1. Very nice potluck shots. You have a lovely garden as well. :) By the way....where is the Solway Coast????

  2. Thank -you. The Solway Estuary is between England and Scotland. I'm on the Scottish side. I think most of the Sunday Stills people are in America - there's a big difference in the sunshine and blue skies and wide open spaces on the photos!

  3. Yep! Too true, last night was torrential rain and high winds, how did you fare?

    Garden looks a lot better than mine!!Lol

  4. Excellent shots, love the cat eyes..well done..:-)

  5. Things are a bit wild here Cheyenne! British Summer Time? Huh!

    Thanks Ed - The cat normally has his eyes closed whenever I point a camera at him, so I was quite pleased with that one.