Monday, 25 July 2011


I love that old Simon and Garfunkel song 'Old Friends'. If you don't know it the lyrics go;

Old friends, old friends,
Sat on the park bench like book-ends...

It's about old men but it applies to any good friends, I think.

It's easy to spend time dwelling on the 'what ifs' and 'if onlys'. To think about what we can't do instead of focusing on what we can. I miss my nursing career. It was physically and emotionally challenging, but it was a privilege to meet and care for people at very difficult times in their lives.It was emotionally draining and emotionally uplifting in equal amounts. High highs and low lows. Moving from the acute pace of critical care to the current pace of my life has been a difficult adjustment to say the least. But if I was still able to participate in that previous hectic, frenetic life would I have had a day like today?
As she's on holiday, P and I sat in the scorching sun at Loch Maben while butterflies fluttered around us. This is reassuring as until this week I haven't seen many about this year.
(Copyright Bill Haley Photography)

We nattered about the same old things we've nattered about for nearly thirty years. The conversation occasionally gets new bits added but we like the fact that we repeat ourselves ad infinitum. Or possibly ad-nauseum to some people. We still find the same old things side splittingly funny and would bore anyone else rigid. After some debate we managed to stir ourselves sufficiently to go into the village for one of our little rituals. This involves buying Mr Softy ice creams and sitting by Castle Loch to eat them.

While we were there we saw these;
This lovely mallard hen was shepherding ten little fluff-balls about, in and out of the water.

They kept having two minute naps while bobbing about, their little eyelids were just too heavy.
Returning home I leaned on the fence in the evening sun and watched The Girls. In their eight acre field they almost share the same blade of grass.
No drama. No action. Just quietly re-affirming an old friendship.
Unbreakable bonds.

I get that.


  1. Loch Maben? Know it well.

    great shots, plenty of ducks round us here, young ones nipping across the road to the river.

  2. They're so cute! I tried to get some pics of some wild waterhen chicks - tiny black fluffballs, on a remote pond near my home, as opposed to 'tame' ducklings at Loch Maben - not a chance! I'm feeling the need to start hiding in bushes etc.