Thursday, 21 July 2011

Project Log Store.

After lolling about in the doldrums for a few days I’ve slapped myself around a bit and given myself a stern talking to. The old saying ‘Lethargy breeds lethargy’ is so true. The combination of feeling a bit off and the truly horrible weather lulled me into an early hibernation and I mislaid my get up and go. But after reprimanding myself I found it hidden in the debris under the bed, dusted it off and re-applied it, so this morning I awoke to bright sunshine at six o’clock and leaped out of bed full of enthusiasm. I say leaped but in truth this is something of an exaggeration. Suffice to say I was creaking about like a listing ship (to continue the doldrum analogy) bright and early. Today I intend to make a start on the Log Store. Until now I’ve stored my logs in the shed/garage but I’ve wanted a separate log shelter for a while.
My plan is to erect a simple structure with four posts, three sides and a roof. How difficult can that be? I’m off to the very helpful local timber yard to get the posts and wood and will post a progress report with photos. That reminds me, inspired by Bill Haley’s great photos I’ve invested in a new camera and intend to do an Open University course in the autumn to learn how to use it. It’s gorgeous.

And it also has an automatic setting so I should get some decent pics from it even before I learn what all the buttons do. It’s going to be a steep learning curve! I’d really like to become proficient at wildlife photography and pet portraits but that is another distant goal. Here’s a practice one of a young chaffinch on the birdfeeder.

Anyway, back to Project Log Store. If it’s anything like my other ‘projects’ there may not be too much to report as progress is often very slow while I work out weird ways of doing things that avoid the need to lift, bend crouch etc. But as I breezily say ‘the more difficult the task the greater the sense of achievement when it’s completed’. Occasionally it all goes horribly wrong and the dearly beloved (or a paid professional in really dire cases) kindly sorts it out for me. As usual I have neglected to inform him of my latest project. It would be wrong to cause needless angst and worry wouldn’t it? He’ll find out soon enough. I’m sure he’ll be delighted. On the discovery of previous 'projects' I've noted that he can actually be speechless with delight. So I’ll just have another coffee and then I’m going to get started…


  1. Fab camera Mari, can't wait to see more of your pics.

  2. Thanks Vee - there are lots of buttons!!!

  3. Agreed. Looking forward to seeing your photos.